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chapter1 - introtara ratney


“I May Not Know What I’m Talking About But I’m Gonna Say It Anyway”   A Book That Imparts Wise Advice

From A Street-Savvy Black Woman.   What happens when a decision is made to knowingly enter the wrong relationship?  Is there really a difference between the one he marries and the one he dates?  Why do I

keep getting played in the dating game?   Author Tara Ratney answers these questions and more in in

this particular text...(331 pp., $19.99).  With it covering the gamut of all types of relationship matters, laying

the groundwork for success or failure. 


According to African-American Lifestyle Magazine (, “While Tara concedes that she

isn't an expert in many areas, she can comfortably say that God doesn't bless mess. Often sassy and

sometimes crass, she invites readers to recognize themselves or their behaviors. No one escapes her

scathing observations as she generously heaps blame and shame on enabling parents, disrespectful

children, nonexistent morals and marriages which have no ground rules.”


Blue Ink Review (www.blueinkreview) comments that “The author relays fundamental Christian principles,

using biblical passages relating to marriage and relationships, but they’re analyzed in a real-world manner,

using colorful and somewhat salty language. It’s like hearing your favorite aunt tell it like it is. "Don’t get

too comfortable with the idea that what’s between your legs is always going (to) save the day," Ratney

writes…Ratney advises women that sexual, emotional and financial security are "at the bottom of our

motives" in choosing a mate and that there must be consequences for bad behavior in life.”’  Overall,

the book is a must read for anyone seeking to improve decisions and relationships.


Author's voice,


Coming into my own at the age of 40, I have, over the past years since,

been able to sit down and reflect. Something which in some ways have

brought me to writing, with me desiring to tell stories that reflected not

only my own personal experiences but others as well. Initially starting

off with screen plays, I thought if people actually saw an illustration of the

day to day journeys of life, a light bulb would go off in their heads, where

they might not only see themselves in the characters that I’ve created but that

of those involved as well; with them getting a better perspective of the other

person's point of view. However what I found was when people did read my

manuscripts, they only looked at them for the entertainment value they brought

(something which was great from the standpoint that they did indeed enjoy them)

and not the lessen I was trying to convey; which for me created a problem since

that was the real purpose for writing them in the first place, something hence explaining why this

drama of words has been put out into the universe and what I hope after listening to some

of the chapter commentary audios featured will further help to wet your appetite..............


                                             Love & blessings




             Available on  (hardcopy and ebook) 

            and (kindle  only), get it u might find it

            2 b an interesting read              

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